Valley of Roses is a place dedicated to educating you on the in's and out's of the amazing world of fragrance.
Located in the heart of Kilkenny, we ship nationwide and we make designer inspired perfumes starting at just 10 euro. With a goal and a promise to never compromise on quality, Valley Of Roses is striping the perfume industry of its long history of exclusivity and mystery while giving everyone access to iconic scents at much more reasonable prices. On our blog you will discover topics and tips related to perfume - more specifically how, what, and why and everything in between. Obsessed with it all, sharing with you our knowledge seems to be the best way for us to explain who Valley of Roses is and the philosophy behind our brand. So, let's gooooo!

Applying perfume is a highly personal thing.
Just like the way you style your hair, when using perfume it comes down to your personal preferences. Maybe you enjoy a perfume to last you all day long or maybe you like a perfume to waft from the stands of your hair -- these things all depend on your unique taste. However, as personal as it is, just like there are hair industry styling standards, there are perfume industry application standards that help you get the most out of your perfume experience. Adventure to our blog and learn some tips and tricks to the application along with lists of perfumes made to last all day.

Rooted in ancient times, the art of perfume is intriguing and complex.
Did you know that perfumery is actually a science? Chemistry and time-tested traditions are all involved in making ideal blends. As a matter of fact, there is a lot that goes into creating the perfume you rely on daily, everything from understanding notes to manufacturing concentrations. We have dedicated our lives at Valley of Roses to learning this art and now want to share some of it with you. Check out our more in depth blog about the history of perfume and fragrance to get a better understanding.

Finding a perfume for you, your love, your mom, your best friend.
Discover what to look for and how to buy perfume in confidence. It all begins with knowing who you are buying for, personal styles, and even scents that have stood the test of time. Not something you can just jump into, we seek to help give you the tools you need to buy like an expert, so you do not waste your time or money on purchasing a perfume that is the wrong perfume. Uncovering price questions as well as topics like and where to buy perfume, no question is off-limits and our blog is designed to help answer all the "taboo" questions in the perfume industry. Become more confident with the world of perfume with us.

Perfect for sharing with your bff, partner or scent-stealing sibling, it’s no surprise unisex fragrances are in higher demand than ever before at Valley of Roses. Not men's fragrance, not women's fragrance- but equally fabulous on both! We take a...
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When you think about it, fragrances and cocktails have a lot in common. They’re created with love and passion and they come in all shapes and sizes from classic creations to vibrant, exotic sensations. Plus, they both have the ability to make us smile and intoxicate us.. in a good way! Today, we’re partnering our top 5 cocktails with a duo of delectable scents that share the same aromas of tipples of today! Cheers, enjoy!
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Welcome to the Blog at Valley Of Roses
Valley of Roses is a place dedicated to educating you on the in's and out's of the amazing world of fragrance. Located in the heart of Kilkenny, we ship nationwide and we make designer inspired perfumes starting at just 10...
How to wear perfume and wear it well
It may seem like adding perfume to your daily routine is a simple thing, but in fact, the art of wearing a fragrance requires more mastery than simply spraying it on. Yes, you can pick a bottle up, spray it or drop...
What is the difference between EDT, EDP, EDC?
It’s an exciting day! You have just spent some time at the store smelling all of the wonderful perfume options and have found one that you love. As you pick up the box to purchase the perfume and notice it...