Rosey Posey Perfumes We Adore.

At Valley of Roses, the ingredient Rose is very close to our hearts. Contained in almost three quarters of women’s perfumes, the rose is a classic fragrance note and for good reason. One of the most romantic ingredients there is, the rose is also incredibly versatile. Some rose perfumes can be sweet and girly, others woody and musky, or laced with oud for a more darkly seductive concoction.

Over the years, rose has been appearing more and more in male fragrance too – while in certain parts of the Middle East, men are traditionally known to wear rose scents more than women. The most popular types of rose in perfumery are the Turkish rose, the Damask (or Damascene rose) and Rosa Centifolia – also known as ‘Rose de Mai’ as it usually blooms around May and is considered to produce the highest quality of rose absolute there is. 

We have chosen 3 modern rose perfumes you need to try!

Rose Scent

#398 Inspired by Idole

Isparta Rose Petal Essence from Turkey, along with a Centifolia Rose grown in France, shine among notes of bergamot, accords of pear, India Jasmine Grandiflorum, and a new “clean and glow” accord. This fragrance exudes elegance with a modern twist. Although this fragrance is airy and bright, it is suitable all year round.

#550 Inspired by Tom Ford's Rose Prick

#550 Rose Prick handles the rose note in a "juicy, flowery and full-bodied" way. Ingredients include Sichuan pepper, turmeric may rose, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, tonka bean. If you're a fan of #32 Coco Mademoiselle you'll adore this. This is one of the more recent releases by Tom Ford and in perfume and fashion, he very rarely misses. 

#353 Inspired by Intense Cafe

#353 Inspired by Montale’s Intense Cafe is a firm favourite in Valley of Roses- we are all addicted! This is quite THE gourmand. Cafè au lait (not freshly brewed espresso) topped with some kind of vanilla whipped cream, there's a bunch of pink roses on the table and you're happily chatting away with your best friend. It's cosy, comforting, mellow. 10/10 from us. You need it. 


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