Fab Spring scents you need in your perfume wardrobe

Spring is finally here and it’s time to put our winter jackets away and open our hearts and minds for the beauty of warm weather. This long-awaited new season brings with it hopes, dreams, and a general feeling of happiness and anticipation for all the amazing things that are going to happen in the summer.


Spring is, traditionally, a time when both men and women take a look at their wardrobes and decide which clothes to throw away. This way, we make room for new spring collections with brighter colours that will give us a feeling of rejuvenation and pure joy.


What about our perfume wardrobe? It’s time to put away those heavy oriental perfumes that were our everyday choice during the cold winter days. Let’s give way to the lighter spring perfumes that are way more appropriate for the sunny spring outside! Here are our suggestions for the best Spring perfumes 2021.




Women perfumes spring 2021:


#381 inspired by Hermes Twilly

This is a women's "Eau de Parfum" from the Floral family. This is a new creation that aims to pay tribute to and satisfy younger generations. A young and demanding public, in search of a vital and energetic aroma, with a modern air and fresh and vibrant notes. A perfume full of transparent and effervescent nuances of joy and happiness.

Thanks to the freshness of its notes, including ginger, orange blossom or bergamot, this fragrance becomes a perfect option to accompany us at any time of the day, especially in spring.


#398 inspired by Lancôme Idole.

Be your own idol. Great perfumes can mark the beginning of a new era. Idole really breaks the codes established in the world of fragrances, giving life to the essence of a new spirit- embodying Spring. For those women who believe that the sky is never the limit and dare to open new horizons. At the heart of this perfume, the most noble and iconic ingredient, the rose, stands out. 

Four types of roses, three types of extractions and two geographical origins have been necessary to create the bright, natural and renewed note of rose. In Idole,  Jasmine Absolute oil is linked to the heart of roses, revealing a comfortable, clean and intense softness. For all those women who are their own idol, who exceed their own limits and create the world of tomorrow. This perfume is excellent for ladies of any age and makes an excellent blind buy or gift. 

#391 inspired by Boucheron Quatre.

Another fragrance that belongs to the floral-fruity fragrance family is Quatre by Boucheron. This lovely spring perfume has a modern scent that is aimed at impressing the younger fans of the perfume brand. Inspired by Paris and its eternal beauty, this floral-fruity perfume with elegant woody base notes will certainly get you under the spotlight this spring. Feminine and sophisticated, Boucheron Quatre is an irresistible perfume that won’t leave you unnoticed! 

#369 inspired by Good Girl

This perfume is belonging to the oriental floral family. We are facing the most talked Carolina Herrera creation. This was inspired by a night in New York, the city that never sleeps. 

It’s olfactory pyramid starts stomping. Almond and coffee are the protagonists of their encouraging, powerful, enigmatic, addictive, unusual notes that captivate and create excitement to a heart that does not disappoint. In it we find magic flowers, cone Sambac jasmine, tuberose and orris root, hot and sensual smell. To end this experience, we reach a fusion of tonka bean sandalwood, which create the oriental tinge, with cocoa and vanilla, totally aphrodisiac smell.



Men perfumes Spring 2021:


#250 inspired by Versace Dylan Blue

Created for the younger man (in his 20s and 30s), Versace Dylan Blue is a mixture of fresh and memorable perfume notes. What sets it apart from the regular men’s fragrances on the market is its powerful combination of citruses, fig leaves, aquatic notes, black pepper, violet leaves, and papyrus. Here’s how Donatella Versace describes the perfume: “Dylan Blue captures such an evocative world of Versace masculinity”, she says, adding that it is “strong, fresh, seductive.”




#231 inspired by Hermes Terre D’Hermes 

This men’s fragrance was launched more than 10 years ago (back in 2006) but its elegance soon put it in the top men’s perfumes for spring. It is not your usual men’s fragrance, though! Its composition is distinct and memorable – just like the man who dares to wear it. The composition of Hermes Terre D’Hermes is minimalist, yet impossible to forget: it opens with sweet citrusy top notes, then evolves into a whole plethora of heart notes (pepper, cedar, patchouli). The fragrance matures and gets warmer thanks to its earthy woody base notes. We at Valley Of Roses are obsessed with this versatile fragrance that will take you to any occasion this Spring. 


#410 inspired by Fierce 

This inspiring men’s fragrance is among our favourite perfumes for men this spring. It is the perfect scent for the man who is ready to conquer women’s hearts after the long winter is over. Powerful and energising, its scent goes hand in hand with the law of attraction, leaving no woman indifferent to its captivating scent. Designed for the confident man, this perfume is perfect both for business meetings and for the (still) cool spring evenings. If you want a reminder of the salty ocean air, then Fierce is your best option this spring!

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