Jet off on holidays with a Perfume!

One of the best things about a great summer fragrance is its ability to, in the shape of a single spritz, take us from the realities of our WFH stations to that summer spent on the Amalfi Coast, the weekend in Paris with friends or that California road trip you spent two years saving and planning for. There’ll always be those specific scents and best perfumes that remind us of certain memories, and they’re just that little bit sweeter when they transport us to warmer climes and holiday throwbacks.


Whether you're jetting off to warmer climates or staycationing on our emerald isle, we at Valley of Roses believe you can jet off with a perfume.

1. #502 Inspired by Bronze Goddess

#502 Inspired by Bronze Goddess allows you to transport yourself to a sun-drenched foreign holiday at first sniff. Sweet coconut milk, no harshness, with creamy buttery white florals. No matter where you're from, you will smell all your best memories of summer in this perfume - the sun, the sun lotion, the coconut oil, someone drinking a mojito outdoors in a restaurant in the heat. The lime adds the touch of freshness that everyone needs in the summer, like a jump in the water.

2. #389 Inspired by Neroli Portofino

#389 Inspired by Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is a citrus lover’s dream. Imagine standing in a Spanish square on a hot summer day- that's it! This scent is lovely and very inoffensive. Fresh, splashy neroli and bergamot. Great hot weather fragrance. Delightful. Extremely long lasting and very tart and punchy. 

3. #391 Inspired by Quatre

#391 Inspired by Boucheron Quatre is like a holiday in a bottle. This fragrance is super powerful, punchy and extremely long lasting. Although with powerful, citrus top notes the musky base note compliments the fragrance making it elegant and ultra feminine. Imagine sipping a cocktail on your fav beach- TADAA!

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