Date nights are coming back- and you only get one first impression. 

Scent is a powerful element in laws of attraction.There are our pheromones, for one thing; our natural "essence," as it were, that many scientists believe can influence the way we're drawn to some people more than others, among other things of course. But while research on the subject is less than definitive, here's one thing we know for sure: When we're heading out to meet a special someone—or just have a feeling we might run into someone of interest—there's nothing that bolsters our confidence and sets the mood like a great date night perfume. Sexy, sensual and alluring are key words we need to describe these scents. 


#543 Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Although technically unisex, we believe it to be much more feminie in composition. If you want to smell like an heiress- this is the one for you! Totally luxurious and the definition of opulent- you won't regret this purchase. This fragrance is so unique it will leave him wanting more with delicious notes of caramel, wood and amber. Truly unforgettable, sexy and addictive. 


#353 Inspired by Montale’s Intense Cafe is a firm favourite in Valley of Roses- we are all addicted! This is quite THE gourmand. Cafè au lait (not freshly brewed espresso) topped with some kind of vanilla whipped cream, there's a bunch of pink roses on the table and you're happily chatting away with your best friend. It's cosy, comforting, mellow. Coffee is addictive- and these coffee notes in Intense cafe will leave him craving more. 


#73 Inspired by Dior’s Addict certainly stands up to its name- ADDICTIVE! We are a massive fan of this scent in Valley of Roses with its unique ingredients and seductive power. People feel your presence before you walk into a room - it's one of those scents. A sweet, alluring, evening perfume. Definitely not for shy people or the faint hearted, it fills the entire room and doesn't go unnoticed. You'll find even other guys at the bar asking for your number!!





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