Lockdown is coming to a sweet end.. and YOU need to emerge like a butterfly. 


One year ago, the arrival of Spring/ Summer (amongst other things) was hardly a cause for celebration. This time round, we are feeling a little bit different. As hope lingers in the air, positivity is all over our faces and hot girl summer around the corner you probably rushing to book in your hair, nails, lashes and indeed should be upping your perfume game. 


Just like your clothes- perfume has trends. The ebbs and flows of perfume ingredients, styles and notes are constantly evolving. Here at Valley of Roses we have noticed distinct trends with new perfume releases.. here are our stand out 3


1. Sour fruits

Whenever I think of fruity perfumes, my mind immediately goes to my 13-year-old self's "beauty stash." In modern day perfumery- this assumption couldn't be more wrong. I've given fruity perfumes a second thought, mostly because they are so different from those early aughts fragrances. Some of them blend fruits with more grounding scents. Others are so light, which is perfect for warmer months. And there are some that are playful iterations of past fragrances. In short, you're not going to be smelling like a fruit salad. I'm sold on them now, especially as I'm looking to change up my routine for hot girl summer.

We recommend inspired by #545 Angel Nova  to up your perfume game to a more modern, summer ready vibe. 

sour fruits

2. Amber 

When it comes to primal instinct, the smell of Amber triggers something comforting in all of us. Would you like to wear a fragrance that contains ‘tiger’s soul’ or ‘tears of the sun’ ? It’s a yes from me!

Contrary to popular belief, amber is a ‘fantasy’ perfumery note. Amber is a blend of ingredients that describes a warm, powdery, sweet scent. It consists of a soiree of ingredients (natural and synthetic) such as vanilla, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, benzoin and a few more. It is used to create oriental fragrances that convey a rich, spicy and powdery feel. Amber was primarily used in vintage perfumery- but we notice it being a staple in modern fragrances. 

We recommend you try #551 Erba Pura to shake up your amber, summer, perfume game.

3. Burnt Sugar

Sounds weird right? Burnt, caramelised sugar is a must have ingredient in any modern perfume. The burnt sugar as an ingredient adds depth, sweetness and enables you to smell good enough to eat. This is a relatively new ingredient to perfumery and we notice it being used a whole lot more.

To shop the smell, we recommend trying #543 Baccarat Rouge to live your most heiress life. 


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