Goldy it is a sensual, sweet, oriental fragrance for the confident and ambitious woman suitable for both everyday wear and for special occasions. 
The composition of the fragrance
From the start, you are refreshed by juicy blackcurrant, which is complemented by a sweet combination of star anise, violet, and lychee. Soon afterwards, the seductive mix of flowers is revealed, with elegant rose, jasmine, iris, magnolia, lily of the valley and liquorice. The base of the fragrance is a delicious combination of slightly coconut, vanilla, praline, patchouli, Tonka bean, sandalwood and intoxicating musk added to make it even more appealing.
Sexy is the word that best describes this essence, a sweet aroma, an addictive potion, an aphrodisiac, an aroma that captivates the attention of the opposite sex. 
Goldy is a seductive poison, which gives us confidence in ourselves and makes us feel beautiful, attractive and special.
Goldy transform the woman who wears it. It gives us self-confidence and makes us feel very irresistible.
Not to mention the certified 24 carat gold flakes inside! On every spray- Goldy leaves kisses of 24 carat shimmer on your skin- BOUJEE! 
Come Join us on our Goldy Journey.