SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE! And of course we've made perfumes! 👻

Halloween perfumes don’t have to be dark and brooding. Let’s not forget, the best part of October 31 is the sweets! Halloween fragrances can be sweet or spooky depending on the vibe you’re going for. We’re here to help you find a Halloween perfume you’ll die for.

What Are Halloween Perfumes?

Halloween perfumes tend to be either sweet, fruity, or have darker woody notes. You can even find some leather scents that work well for Halloween if you’re going for a “spooky perfume.” Even though Halloween is also now celebrated during the day, most Halloween fragrances work best after dark. 

Andriana has blended and formulated these LIMITED EDITION perfumes for months now to perfect them- let's explore our spooky series at Valley of Roses. 

WITCHES BREW is the true Hocus Pocus Scent. Sexy, Daring and Dangerous. Explosion of powerful vanilla, amber, tuberose & musk. Worthy of Winifred, Mary or Sarah!


PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE is Earthy, Sweet , Lightly spiced with a hint of milky latte & whipped cream. Your Tumblr Starbucks coffee pic has nothing on this fragrance. 


TRICK OR TREAT is Sweet, edible candy like fragrance with notes of caramel, cherry, vanilla, Amber & orange. Your traditional trick or treat basket is burst of sharp orange and surprises on the wear down. 

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