Miss Earth 2022- A Pageant with a difference.

Miss Earth is a major international beauty pageant that advocates for environmental awareness, conservation and social responsibility. This year we sponsored the gorgeous Tessy. 

Miss Earth really spoke to us and was an obvious competition to be involved with as a sponsor. We create iconic perfumes with your values in mind. As you all know at Valley of Roses we are always improving our sustainability drive and green ethos. 

Our Green Promise: 

At Valley of Roses all our perfume bottles are refillable- meaning less packaging waste and more gorgeous perfume! You can refill any bottle size including 15ml, 50ml and 100ml with any perfume you'd fancy- even a different one than the one originally in the perfume bottle. You can order your refill online or bring your bottle in store and we can do it on the spot for you! 

We post all around the country every single day- and our post packaging is no exception for our green drive. Our cardboard post boxes are 100% decomposable and perfect for wetting and popping in your compost bin for your summertime flowers. Instead of using plastic bubble wrap for padding- we use 100% decomposable thin brown paper. 

We promise never to use plastic Valley of Roses shopping bags. We only use small paper ones that can be recycled or decomposed. You can now stroll around town with your bags with a clear conscious. 

All of our packaging of our perfume including our glass bottles are fully recyclable.  Our body lotion bottles and shower gel bottles are recyclable too! Make sure to pop them into your blue bin.

Tessy- Miss Earth Ireland

We are delighted to sponsor Tessy for the Miss Earth finals tonight- Best of Luck to all the gorgeous girls promotion and educating others on an amazing cause. We're cheering you on from Kilkenny ❤️



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