Jump into the new perfume season- SPRING!

Stop and smell the roses (and the jasmine, and the musk, and the vanilla)...

We sometimes feel like Goldilocks when it comes to picking a new signature scent. One might be too fruity. One might not be musky enough. One might have an overwhelming mix of notes you've never heard before. But in the end, there is always one that will fit you just right. In fact, that perfect scent might be something you already know and love, just with a slight twist, like  #32 Inspired by Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and #369 Inspired by Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. 

Just like your clothes- it's time to put away your heavy winter scents for something more seasonally appropriate. To help you narrow down our already overwhelming list of perfumes- we've put together some of our new Spring fragrances for you to try! 


Spring Fragrance


#562 Inspired by Le Labo's Satale 33

The haute couture of the fragrance industry, Le Labos beguiling range of perfume, home fragrance and botanical body care has become iconic for its unconventional yet luxurious handmade olfactory offerings. A Le Labo cult classic, Santal 33 is known for its intoxicating aroma of spicy, leathery, musky notes that give this unisex fragrance its signature addictive allure. Inspired by the American West and the masculinity of the great American cowboy, this has enough sensuality to intoxicate any man or woman. Although these ingredients sound utterly heavy- think again! It is almost milky on dry down and never synthetic smelling. An excellent option for a spring woody scent! 


#566 Inspired by Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The effortless charm and youthful elegance of Marc Jacobs Daisy transports you to a place that is optimistic, beautiful and pure. What sounds more Spring 2022 than that? Wild berries in the top note with a floral heart immediately transports you to a garden bursting with new life. Charmingly simple, versatile and sweet with the potential to be your new signature scent!  The scent embodies the essence of the daisy girl who wears it: timeless, yet young-at-heart. She is a reminder to be open, loving, and playful while radiating positive energy.

Spring Fragrance

#93 Inspired by Hypnose by Lancome

The feminine fragrance. The hypnotising fragrance. The bewitching fragrance of a woman who knows how to use her charm to fascinate the man she loves.
A woody oriental fragrance that acts like a sensual love potion with a magical trail: Passion flower combined with Vanilla and a woody base note with Vetiver. Hopelessly uplifting with a twist on your traditional spring fragrance. Dominate this season!

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